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KM-HomeWe offer individual and group trainings to corporations, first responders, parent groups, school districts and certification programs. Our mission is to provide effective education in autism identification, safety and communication tactics. Our strategies help clients assess and reduce their liability risk as they improve client/customer relationships. With the rates of autism increasing every year, the number of high-profile incidents involving this population is on the rise. We tailor our trainings to each client’s unique needs and environment. Specialized training is crucial to maximizing the chances of a positive outcome in all encounters.

We help our clients minimize risk through effective strategies
for communication and accident prevention.

130831_ida6171-copy_630Kate Movius began training first responders in 2011 as Project Manager for Autism Speaks. She is a frequent television spokesperson about special needs issues and has appeared on Katie with Katie Couric to discuss the challenges facing parents of autistic children. Kate taught health advocacy classes for over a decade to families in East Los Angeles and Hollywood before shifting gears to special needs education and community outreach. She is a contributing writer for Los Angeles Magazine and Pasadena Magazine. The mother of two sons, one of whom has autism, Kate is dedicated to helping communities and first responders interact successfully with at-risk populations.


Risk Assessment

We meet with your organization’s leaders to determine needs and concerns. Next, we conduct extensive staff interviews to find how your organization has previously interacted with people with special needs. How and why have specific encounters concluded successfully, or caused a problem?

We understand that each company or institution has its own culture, and that each will interact with special needs clients/customers in different contexts and scenarios. We will outline your organization’s specific strengths and vulnerabilities when dealing with the special needs population.

Staff Trainings

We offer a customized presentation, which includes audiovisual and take-home materials in addition to engaging interactive exercises. Our trainers are joined by people with varying special needs who help clients learn to identify and understand their unique needs and challenges. Based on your organization’s needs, we can assist large numbers of staff at one time or provide trainings for smaller groups.

The package includes access to trainers for follow-up questions and new concerns.

Seminars and Presentations

We can provide a trainer to offer one of our proven, successful 30- to 120-minute overview presentations about recognizing and communicating with the special needs population.

Our trainers are joined by people with varying special needs who help clients learn to identify and understand their unique needs and challenges.



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